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Researchers in Europe 2005

An experiments marathon will take place in the Kozma László conference room at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, on 23 September 2005. The event will be broadcasted on the internet by NIIF (National Infrastructure Development Office), and users of 2,000 PCs will also be able to receive the programme at the same time.

The Foundation

Mindentudás egyeteme2005.10.19, 11:49

A full house every Monday night, a popular TV and radio series, a permanent column in dailies and weeklies, an internet portal with thousands of downloads a day, a show known by almost half of the adult population with a high approval rating, a constant topic at social meetings - all of this is more likely achieved by either a trendy talk- or reality show, a contest, a soap opera or by political news than by a serious and informative scientific knowledge program. And yet, it has been the case in Hungary since September 2002, when Mindentudás Egyeteme /ENCOMPASS took its origins as a joint project of the Hungarian Academy of Sciencess, ...

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